Dining Bus Services has been operating since 1987. We have nearly 30 years experience in the TV and Film Industry and are renown for our modern equipment and quality of service.


Dining Bus Services was formed by Martin Porter, owner and MD, in 1987.


Martin was born in Oxford in 1963 and was brought up in Ruislip, Middlesex.


Martin had several jobs before being employed as Tea Boy on Robin of Sherwood for Location Catering Company "First Unit Caterers" way back in 1983. Several years later and after travelling the world Martin was employed by B&B Location Diners, it was whilst working for B&B that Martin decided to go it alone. He decided to purchase his first Double Deck Bus in 1987 and set about converting it. All the work

was carried out by Martin as he wanted nothing less than perfection and as they say "If you want something doing right then do it yourself". After the refit Martin was asked by ITV to provide the Dining Bus for "Londons Burning". His second bus was purchased a couple of years later which was quickly followed by a third but it was whilst being on Honeymoon Martin decided to branch out into the Facilities market so he promptly bought a Toyota Landcruiser and a Honeywagon upon his return.

The "Artic Diner" came along in 2005 when Martin was one of the first who realised that the Buses used by most Dining Bus Companies where not reliable enough to cover longer distances and with the impending London Low Emissions Zone something drastic needed to be done, he came up with the idea to convert Double Deck Articulated Trailers used in the Haulage Industry into the Dining Trailer of the future. This way all he need do to keep LEZ compliant was to update the Tractor Units which would also be reliable enough to cover the longer distances to locations.

Dining Bus Services now have an extensive fleet and with more on the way Dining Bus Services continues to be the market leader in its industry.

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